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Logline: 4 guys … $500 million … you do the math.

Synopsis: Its Oceans 11 meets Breaking Bad. This project is inspired by true events regarding the Gardner Museum heist of 1990. Art pieces worth north of $500 million was stolen and it is regarded as the biggest private property theft in HISTORY. This is a story about four underachieving, mild mannered, good guys led by a man named Nathan who are all at their wits end regarding their families and their finances. They try a life of crime but they are notoriously bad at that lifestyle. This is the early 90's where the country was in a depressive state. The country was at war and in a recession where the unemployment rate was above 7%. Millions were upset with the government. Four good regular guys dive into a world full of paranoia, crime, police, FBI and putting their families in danger. Tipped off by a mentor of theirs, they decide to take matters into their own hands, eventually doing something... that would go down in history forever. The questions are how did they do it? And how did they get away with it?

This project is currently in the development stages being pitched to networks that we feel the content would fit.

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