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Logline: What if had to live the life of someone else?

Synopsis: Who am I today? That is the question asked by a number of individuals everyday in this thought provoking sci-fi drama. One Day...Some Day is an award winning science fiction romance short film that tells the story of a small population of the world being affected by a syndrome that forces individuals to live the life of someone else every single day. Doctors, Psychologist, Theologians, and many of the greatest minds in the world have tried to identify the origin of the epidemic, and have always hit a dead end. Mike is one of the people that has had this syndrome for quite some time. He has lived hundreds of different lives. The government and other professionals have diagnosed it as a severe form of schizophrenia, causing many who go through these conditions to not tell anyone, afraid that no one will believe them or turn them over to doctors who will treat them for something that doesn't exist. Mike is uninspired by life because of past experiences and he feels like what he is going through is what he deserves. He doesn't connect with anyone because he doesn't see a point and he is an introvert with every single life he inhabits This experience makes it hard to connect with anyone, being that the next day he will be someone totally different. One day, he does connect with someone, a girl name Sara, and it all seems familiar to him. He all of a sudden wakes up as a man with a wife and kid to tend to. Many believe that in order to get your original life back, there is some sort of epiphany that has to take place. Some believe that this epidemic came from a higher power, to teach mankind to care about others the way we do for ourselves. Mike believes that maybe he should open up to the possibilities and try to connect with people, and maybe he will get his life back, One day...Some day.

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