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Genre: 1 Hour Drama/Caper

Logline: A master thief looks for a sense of redemption from a lifetime of crime by helping enforce what he’s ran away from all of his life…the law   

Synopsis: It's Oceans Eleven meets CSI. A breathtaking drama about a team of thieves led by master thief John Foley. After living a life of crime and paranoia, he is growing tired of the life he lives. He looks for a sense of redemption while a relentless FBI agent (Agent Mitchell) is stopping at nothing to put away John and his team. All the while, growing syndicates of the mob -- with their omnipresence and political influence -- threatens John’s team, the FBI, and the entire country as a whole. It initiates a war on crime in which the FBI is losing miserably. 

John and his group of thieves -- desperate to stay clear of getting caught -- decide to help catch the people that the FBI wants more than them. But are there some hidden agendas on both sides? Why has this special agent of the FBI taken special interest in John’s team? Are these thieves going to continue to help the law while simultaneously being chased by the people they are helping? Why won’t they just continue to run and not get involved? With the FBI having to accept some of John and his team’s criminal tactics to take down their enemies, this builds a story of suspense, comedy, and drama, that’s all wrapped up in this entertaining story. 

This is something that has never been seen before and it is a very unique, fun, dramatic procedural about criminals who are stuck in a life they don’t want, and a future that won’t accept them because of their past.

Academy Award Nominee Billy Bob Thornton has praised the teleplay. We are currently shopping the script to networks and producers.

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